Simpson Finance airdrop distribution Plan, what we have achieved so far and future plans…

Summary of things happened so far and looking ahead

Greetings Simpson Finance fam, hope you guys doing great. Since we are half way there for the token distribution and Uniswap listing. I thought of doing a write up about the things we achieved and immediate future plans. I am not going to put all the pans we have right now though ;)


There it is… 2nd Most anticipated event in Simpson Finance. We have launched our official website successfully. Our developers worked extremely hard for making this a success. (Mind you website is not fully developed yet. More upgrades/developments are coming…)

Website Link:

Go check it out and let us know what you think. We are driven by community so we expect more comments from community so that we can be better.


Our major approach is to be a giant in the crypto NFT which has been gaining traction over the last few months. Website shows some of the unique B+NFT cards creations for the Simpson Finance family. This is just a sample. There are lots of creative ideas floating around and we will let you know more on that later
Once our platform is fully launched and operational, you can stake your SIMF tokens and farm reward points. Points are earned every day based on how many SIMF you stake. When you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a collectible NFT Simpson Card. Collect them for yourself or sell them to others on Open Sea. It’s up to you.


We have deployed our smart contract on Ethereum main net successfully. As we promised to the community, the code is verified and Anybody can go check it out.
📌Address: 0x18bfe544B09587b7f942ae2d3b106889a3C72f3E
📌Ticker: SIMF
📌 Decimal: 18
📌Etherscan link:
📌Smart Contract Code has been verified:
📌 We have officially submitted the required details to Etherscan in order to be a verified token. It’s in progress…


Our top priority is to list the token as soon as possible on Uniswap. Listing price will be provided later. We will add liquidity in few stages. Initial liquidity will be bit low.

📅 LISTING DATE and TIME: 11/10/2020 at 4.00PM UTC

🚨 BEWARE OF FAKE TOKENS!!!! ALWAYS CHECK THE CONTRACT ADDRESS (0x18bfe544B09587b7f942ae2d3b106889a3C72f3E)


Once the SIMF token is listed on the Uniswap, subsequently we will lock the liquidity in unicrypt and provide the link so that members can access and check. Dextools will follow…


Since there was no pre-sale or public sale. initial liquidity will be bit low. Hence we will provide an incentive to the liquidity providers on Uniswap. They are the backbone of our trading environment. In our initial plan we have not allocated any portion for the liquidity providers. Hence, we are going to get 5 SIMF from each airdrop entry to compensate it. Plus we will dedicate our family tokens to the liquidity providers as well. Hence there won’t be anymore team tokens. The total of 3500 SIMF will be dedicated for community liquidity providers. More details will follow…


We have taken out 2500 SIMF from the airdrop and dedicated team tokens 1000 SIMF to the liquidity providers. So Liquidity providers incentives will have 3500 SIMF tokens.

📌 Total Supply: 20000 SIMF (This is Homer’s Net Worth 😍)
📌 Community Airdrop: 13500 SIMF (No lock up)
📌 Incentive for the Community Liquidity Providers: 3500 SIMF
📌 Uniswap Liquidity: 1000 SIMF (Locked up forever)
📌 Marketing and Future Community Development: 2000 SIMF


This is the most anticipated event among the community members. And hell yes!! we got you. Its been a tough task for us to check all your entries one by one to determine which members completed all the given tasks successfully. We love our loyal and faithful members. So many stuff planned for the betterment of community members in the future.

We have selected the following number of members for each airdrop (revised)
1. Early birds (Those who joined our project at the very beginning)
50 guaranteed spots have been allocated for them (25 SIMF per each entry)

2. Airdrop Stages 1, 2 and 3
450 spots among FCFS and tasks completion basis (25 SIMF per each entry)

3. 10 most active members will get 75 SIMF each and Top 5 MEMEs will get 50 each (on going…)

It’s fair and obvious to say If we distribute all the airdrop tokens at once, it will be catastrophic for the token value. Hence we were forced to come to a middle ground solution where members and token price both parties won’t suffer. The plan is to distribute the airdrop tokens gradually to the circulating supply so that price can withstand the force of selling. The distribution schedule is given below

We will divide the airdrop into batches, Each batch consists with 50 entries. And airdrops will be deployed thrice per every week. Early birds will get the airdrop at first (We love our early birds and hope they will hold the tokens and continue to be with us for a long time)

For the rest of the 500 entries, we will have 10 batches. Since we need to have fairness in distribution, everyone will be given a fair chance to check you airdrop status and claim it on the website. We implemented to claim function to make it fair for everyone and filter out inactive entries. You can go there and submit your submitted ETH address and check the airdrop status. If you are in, Just click the claim button and you will be added to the distribution list.The List will be prepared on FCFS (First Come First Serve) basis. Whoever comes first and claim the airdrop will have a chance to be in the initial batches. Visual guide is given below


Step 01

Go to website and click on “Claim Airdrop” Tab

Step 02

Enter your address if you participated the airdrop

Step 03

Click submit after entering your address

Step 04

Wait for the response

Step 05

Done!! You got in.

⚠️IMPORTANT: We have given 7 days to claim the airdrop, The timer will pop up in the website. Once the claim deadline is expired, you won’t be able to claim the airdrop anymore. Hence we advice you to claim it ASAP. In case all the entries do not claim the airdrop, the rest of the tokens will be allocated for the liquidity providers and future community development programs such as give always, contests and airdrops.


📦 1 BATCH= 50 Entries (1 Entry = 25 SIMF tokens)(starts with the early birds)
🏃🏼‍♀️ FREQUENCY: 3 batches per week


We are planning to buy back to keep the price stable and store SIMF in a multi-sig wallet for future usage. We have utmost faith in our project and we believe we can go very far. More details on this will come in a separate article.


As you all know we need to make waves and buzz in social medias for us to be successful to bring more interested parties into the project. We believe in community competition is a great way of achieving that. Our main focus is 4chan form, reddit and other social media platforms. We will give our community members to earn more SIMF tokens by sharing about Simpson Finance project in social media. More info will come soon. Stay tuned!


Since there are big non-English speaking communities present, Our plan is to recruit community ambassadors for our project. We will drop more details on this in a separate article. If you have a huge native community with plenty of crypto traction. You can apply for the program.

More Info:


Some of the members have been asking about copyright infringement issue with The Simpsons. First of all, We never use their brand name directly. Our project is Simpson Finance. And second, We have already mentioned that our motivation to build up this project came from “The Simpsons” clearly. And if there is a slight chance of any possibility of copy right issues, we will contact them directly for further assistance from their side.


We have been blessed with few free PRs along the way. Some of the crypto related PR agencies shown interest to do press releases and article release on our project for free. Obviously, They understood that we are legit since we never raised any funds from the community. Followings are the few articles already been published and few more are on the way.

  1. Crypto Ease
  2. Crypto Press
  3. PublishOX
  4. Hackernoon (Article coming soon)

More on the way…


Feel free to join our Social media for more details
🌐 Website:
🌐 Telegram Chat:
🌐 Telegram Announcement:
🌐 Twitter:
🌐 Medium:



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