Simpson Finance staking platform, Springfield is on the cusp of launch. First staking pair will be SIMF/ETH LP tokens.

Greetings Simpson Finance Fam,
This is the most anticipated event among the Simpson Finance supporters and holders. Our very own staking platform; Springfield is about to be launched. The idea of SIMF LP staking for more SIMF was not included in our original plans. However, to ramp up the use cases for SIMF we came up with this idea during the last developer meeting. SIMF staking for NFT rewards was our original plan and its down the pipeline. There will be a separate article published on that in the future.


Springfield will allow you to stake variety of tokens and in return you will receive more SIMF tokens or DNUT (NFT rewards points) which can be redeemed for the NFT cards from our collection.

Our very first staking pair is SIMF/ETH LP tokens, more to follow…

We have plans for another stakeble token (which is not named yet, for the time being lets call it XYZ token 😉 more details coming soon) which will be used to improve and expand our ECO system.

SPRINGFIELD LINK: https://simpson.finance/springfield

Please follow the above link to go to the staking platform


Members will be able to provide the liquidity to our Uniswap SIMF/ETH pair and stake the LP tokens (Liquidity Provided tokens) in our platform in return of more SIMF tokens. Unlike most farming tokens, SIMF doesn’t have a elastic supply where the total supply is unlimited. Our total supply is fixed at 20000SIMF and staking rewards fixed at a certain level. Hence staking rewards will be fixed as well.

📌 Total Stake rewards: 11000 SIMF
📌 Duration: 1 year (12 Months)
📌 Emission Logic and Rate: We will be using drop cliff method with the equation y=k/x (k calculation given below)

📌 Data Set
Following assumption were made during the calculations
1. Monthly rate is fixed during that particular month. Cliff change will happen when the month is over
2. Average number of days per month is 30 days
3. Average Etherum Block Time is 15 seconds

📌 SIMF Emission Chart
Using the above data set the following chart is drawn.

According to the graph, monthly emission will get reduced with time and those who are staking first will have a huge chance to get massive rewards


Most of the members may have already staked in other platforms. our one is no different. Its extremely easy to use. We will provide a graphic walk through how to use our platform.


📌DATE: 27/10/2020
📌TIME: 4:00 PM UTC
📌COUNTDOWN: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3281238
📌INITIAL STAKING OPTIONS: SIMF/ETH LP TOKEN Staking for SIMF tokens (And more options to follow)

More staking options will be up and coming later. For instance our new token, DUFF BEER TOKEN (DUFF). We are mainly focused on the staking platform launch and release the first staking pair.


🌐 Website: https://simpson.finance
🌐 Springfield: https://simpson.finance/springfield
🌐 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/simpsonfinance
🌐 Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/simpsonfinanceANN
🌐 Twitter: https://twitter.com/simpsonfinance
🌐 Medium: https://medium.com/@simpsonfinance
🌐 Github: https://github.com/simpsonfinance
🌐 Email: contact@simpson.finance



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Simpson Finance

Simpson Finance

Simpson finance is community driven experimental Defi+NFT protocol based on popular TV series The Simpsons, built on Ethereum Blockchain.